Python,改变一个字符串变量的字体大小(Python , Changing a font size of a string variable)

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I have a variable that gets sent to a email as text but the text is all pretty much a standard size with everything the same. I would like to add some emphasis to it as well as make it bigger and make it bold if possible. Here is the code I would like to edit.

  final_name = "Changes by" + str(name)+" ***"

I know it isn't much but I would like to know if it is possible if I can make a variable string bold and with a slightly bigger font size.


Strings don't have a font size. Strings store sequences of characters (unicode strings) or bytes to be interpreted as characters (byte strings).

Font size is an element of presentation, and is a function of whatever presentation and rendering system you are using.

As you mention an email, you could create a multipart email with an HTML part, and format it accordingly in that HTML document.

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问 题


  final_name =“更改方式”+ str(name)+“***”






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