Rails 3 - 如何刷新更新的代码(Rails 3 - how to refresh updated code)

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问 题

I have my RoR app on FTP and if I open some file through FTP and for example I will add to my view one line of text, then save this file back on FTP and refresh my page, so I don't see that one new line of text that I added.

I have to push COMMAND+R a few seconds a then sometimes I see in browser the new line of text...

It's terrible work, how can I update the file of my RoR project through FTP? (I can't use capistrano).

Thank tou.


you can open tmp/restart.txt on your FTP server via any text editor and press Ctrl+S (save it), so file will be touched and server will be restarted

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问 题


我必须将COMMAND + R按几秒钟,然后有时在浏览器中看到新的文本行...

这是非常糟糕的工作,我如何通过FTP更新我的RoR项目文件? (我不能用capistrano)。


<您可以通过任何文本编辑器在您的FTP服务器上打开 tmp / restart.txt 并按Ctrl + S(保存),所以文件将为触及,服务器将重新启动

本文地址:IT屋 » Rails 3 - 如何刷新更新的代码

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