UIButton的标题标签单词包裹尾部截断(UIButton's Title Label Word Wrap with Tail Truncation)

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问 题

I need to enable word wrapping and tail truncation, at the same time, on a UIButton's titleLabel. Setting numberOfLines to something more than 0 doesn't work, the text stays on one line.

I've already searched around and haven't found a solution. Any idea?


I solved it the same day I posted this question by putting a UIButton on top of a UILabel with numberOfLines set to 3. I had left this unaccepted to see if someone had a better idea, but apparently there's no other solution.

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问 题

我需要同时启用自动换行和尾部截断 UIButton 的 titleLabel 。将numberOfLines设置为大于0的值不起作用,文本保持在一行。



我在发布此问题的同一天解决了这个问题: UIButton 在 UILabel 之上, numberOfLines 设置为3.我离开了这个未被接受,看看是否有人有更好的想法,但显然没有其他解决方案。

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