iOS企业内部部署需要设备ID吗?(iOS Enterprise In-House Deployment need for Device IDs?)

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问 题

when you're Company is enrolled in the Enterprise iOS Developer Programm, and you want to deploy an App in whatever way (.ips / OTA). Do all Device IDs (10000+) have to be registered and be Part of the Provisiong Profile or is it hopefully handled another way?


No you don't have to register all your devices, as specified in Apple's guide.

Just create a Distribution provisioning profile. Build your application signed with this profile with "Build and Archive" option under the Product menu.

It will open the Organizer window at the end and there you have the option to "Distribute" the app (you can choose to save the .ipa on the disk or distribute it directly).

In-house app distribution in Organizer enter image description here


In-house apps are not distributed through the App Store, you have several choices to deliver them to your users:

  • Install it using iTunes (drop the ipa then sync)
  • Through the iPhone Configuration Utility.
  • Deploy it to a secure web-server for OTA install

Everything is detailed here: Distributing Entreprise Apps.

For the third option, you may be interested by this software: Beta Builder.
You give it the ipa archive and the download URL, it generates deployment files.

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问 题

当您的公司注册企业iOS开发人员计划时,您希望以任何方式部署应用程序(.ips / OTA)。是否必须注册所有设备ID(10000+)并成为Provisiong配置文件的一部分或希望以其他方式处理?


不,您不必注册所有设备,如 Apple的指南




内部应用程序不是通过App Store分发的,您可以通过多种方式将它们发送给您的用户:

  • 使用iTunes安装它(删除ipa然后同步)

  • 通过iPhone配置实用程序。

  • 将其部署到安全的Web服务器OTA安装


对于第三个选项,您可能对此软件感兴趣: Beta Builder


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