Javascript - 来自USB令牌的密钥/证书(Javascript - key / certificate from USB Token)

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I would like to ask if is still impossible, using JavaScript, to get key from USB token or from certificate stored in Browser. I was reading many articles which said WebCryptoApi doesn't enable to do that.

Is any option to get key from token? Maybe something was changed?


It is not possible for now. The WebCryptoApi does not support using keys stored in external keystores like smartcards, Mozilla keystore or Windows KeyStore (used by Chrome and Explorer), and reading the comments of the last conferences, it is not a current priority.

There is another Javascript API specification of W3C to be used with Web Cryptography Api. See WebCrypto Key Discovery

This note describes a JavaScript API for discovering named, origin-specific pre-provisioned cryptographic keys for use with the Web Cryptography API.

Unfortunately is still a working group under development.

我想问一下,使用JavaScript是否仍然无法从 USB令牌存储在浏览器中的证书获取密钥。我正在阅读许多文章,说 WebCryptoApi 无法做到这一点。



现在不可能。 WebCryptoApi不支持使用存储在外部密钥库中的密钥,如智能卡,Mozilla密钥库或Windows KeyStore(由Chrome和Explorer使用),以及阅读上次会议的评论,它不是当前优先级。

W3C的另一个Javascript API规范将与Web Cryptography Api一起使用。请参阅 WebCrypto Key Discovery

本说明描述了一个JavaScript API,用于发现与Web Cryptography API一起使用的命名的,特定于源的预配置加密密钥。


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