zxing - android - 读取倍数 qr 图像 [英] zxing - android - read multiples qr images


如何同时读取多个二维码图像并获取所有图像的代码?例如:我有 3 个 QR 图像,当我将相机聚焦到所有图像时,我想同时读取 3 个 QR 码.


查看 Zxing Barcode Scanner 应用程序.它在设置扫描批量条码中有选项.因此,您启用它并检查它,您可以一次从一个或多个图像读取多个二维码,还可以检查 Zxing 库源码了解详细信息.

使用core/中的代码.您需要 QRCodeMultiReader

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How i can do to read multiples QR images and get the code of all images at the same time? For example: I have 3 QR images and when focus my camera to all images i want to read the 3 QR codes at the same time.


Have a look in the Zxing Barcode Scanner app. It has option in Settings to Scan Bulk Barcodes. So you enable it and check it you can read Multiple QR codes at a time from one or more Images and also check the Source code of Zxing library to Known the detailed Information .

Use the code in core/. You need QRCodeMultiReader