Eclipse 无法识别 Pydev [英] Pydev Not Recognized in Eclipse

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我已经在我的 Mac 上的 Eclipse 中使用 PyDev 大约两年了.今天更新了 Eclipse,突然 PyDev 完全不见了.尝试了所有方法,包括完全卸载和全新安装,但尽管 PyDev 在菜单中显示为已安装,但在其他任何地方都没有.

I've been using PyDev within Eclipse on my Mac for about two years now. Updated Eclipse today, and suddenly PyDev is completely missing. Tried everything, included a complete uninstall and fresh install, but although PyDev shows up as installed in the menu, it appears nowhere else.

PyDev 版本:版本:Kepler Service Release 1内部版本号:20130919-0819

PyDev version: Eclipse: Version: Kepler Service Release 1 Build id: 20130919-0819

我无法打开 PyDev 透视图,无法创建新的 Python 文件,也无法打开现有的 Python 文件,除非它被视为纯文本.

I can't open a PyDev perspective, I can't create a new Python file, and I can't open an existing Python file without it just being seen as plain text.


I've got a huge assignment due tonight, help appreciated.


为了看看是什么问题,我从 PyDev 2.8.2 升级到 3.0.0 就是为了这个.它给我带来了一个伤害的世界.该版本充满了错误.没有什么对我有用,包括透视图或调试器.我刚回到 2.8.2,一切都好起来了.我也在开普勒和 Mac 上.转至 2.8.2.您可以使用 Eclipse 卸载 pydev,然后使用简单的 zip 文件说明安装 pydev:

To see what the problem is, I upgraded from PyDev 2.8.2 to 3.0.0 just for this. It caused me a world of hurt. That version is filled with bugs. Nothing is working for me, including the perspectives or the debugger. I just went back to 2.8.2 and all is well again. I am also on Kepler and Mac. Go to 2.8.2. YOu can uninstall pydev using eclipse, then simply install pydev using the easy zip file instructions here:

3.0.0 昨天刚刚发布.他们显然有一些修复工作要做!

3.0.0 was just released yesterday. They obviously have some fixing to do!

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