Visual Studio 2010和MFC参考书 [英] Visual Studio 2010 & MFC Reference Book

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Can anyone recommend a good, current book about MFC; the latest incarnation? I am looking for something on the intermediate or advanced level that describes the MFC elements in clearer, better detail than Microsoft. Something with a lot of sample useage would be great!

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MFC的最后一个主要更改是引入了VS2008的MFC Feature Pack(它包括对功能区的支持).如此恐怖,肿的错误集合很少有人使用.在VS2010中,许多最严重的错误已得到修复,因此也许值得一看.

I don''t think there are any "good, current" books on MFC. There are a few kitchen-sink books on VS2010, with limited coverage of MFC. I would suggest picking up one or two of the 2008 (or earlier) vintage books on MFC (search on Amazon), and then supplementing those with on-line articles.

The last major change to MFC was introduction of the MFC Feature Pack for VS2008 (it included support for ribbons). It was such a horrible, bloated collection of bugs that few used it. In VS2010, a lot of the worst bugs have been fixed, so maybe it''s worth another look.

In any case, the MFC fundamentals haven''t changed for years. If you are just beginning with MFC, any of the top sellers on Amazon would be good to get you started.

1]使用Visual C ++进行MFC编程6由David White,Kenn Scribner,尤金·奥拉夫森
2] Programming_Windows_with_MFC_2E
3]带Visual C 6的专业MFC
4]使用C ++的专业MFC-Wrox
1] MFC Programming with Visual C++ 6 Unleashed by David White, Kenn Scribner, Eugene Olafsen
2] Programming_Windows_with_MFC_2E
3] Professional MFC With Visual C 6
4] Professional MFC with C++ - Wrox

您可以尝试 ^ ].

它遍历C ++/CLI和MFC.
You can try Ivor Horton''s Beginning Visual C++ 2010[^].

It goes over C++/CLI and MFC.

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