ASP.NET Core:从GET重定向到POST [英] ASP.NET Core: redirect from GET to POST

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I want to call MarriageById as GET, like this:

var url = '/MarriageById?id=' + id;

但是我也想拥有一个ActionResult Marriage(Marriage marriage),它可以在显示视图之前进行一些处理.第二个必须为POST,因为它还将收到来自asp的发送表单".

But I also want to have a single ActionResult Marriage(Marriage marriage) that does some processing before showing the view. This second one must be POST because it will also receive the "send form" from asp.


I am trying this solution (see my own implementation below), but it is still redirected as a GET and ActionResult Marriage is not found:

public ActionResult MarriageById(int id)
    var marriage = _marriageRepository.GetById(id);
    return RedirectToAction(nameof(Marriage), marriage);

public ActionResult Marriage(Marriage marriage)
    var people = _personRepository.GetAll(); = Utils.GetPersonsSelectListByGender(people, isMale: true);
    ViewBag.women = Utils.GetPersonsSelectListByGender(people, isMale: false);

    return View(marriage);



Using RedirectToAction always implies a GET, so this won't work to reach the Marriage action method that only accepts POST.


However there is nothing wrong with calling the other method yourself, it is still a method like any other. So try this instead:

return Marriage(marriage);

另外,请注意:如果Marriage方法将始终仅用于显示数据,而从不用于保存,存储或更改数据,则使用POST并不是最佳选择. POST通常暗含具有副作用(保存,存储,更改甚至删除)的调用,通常最好遵循该约定.

And on a side note: if the Marriage method will always only be used to display data, and never to save, store or change data, then using POST is not the best choice. POST typically implies a call with side effects (save, store, change, or even delete), and in general it is best to stick to that convention.

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