Firefox 重定向到 https [英] Firefox redirects to https

本文介绍了Firefox 重定向到 https的处理方法,对大家解决问题具有一定的参考价值,需要的朋友们下面随着小编来一起学习吧!


我正在使用 Firefox,并且在设置服务器时,我一直在摆弄重定向.现在,Firefox 缓存了从


  • urlbar.autofill false
  • 忘记网站技巧
  • 安全模式
  • 我们都知道,当您拥有和访问过的网站从未获得 https 支持时,这不是 HSTS 问题,但现在 FF 希望您使用 https...这只是 IMO 的一个 firefox 错误.

I'm using Firefox, and while setting up a server, I have been fiddling around with redirects. Now, Firefox has cached a 301 redirect from to and from to

I've tried the following things:

  1. History -> Show all history -> Forget about this site.
  2. Checked that no bookmark with is present.
  3. Changing browser.urlbar.autoFill to false in about:config.
  4. Changing browser.cache.check_doc_frequency from 3 to 1.
  5. Options -> Advanced -> Network -> Chached Web Content -> Clear now.

None of the above works, so I checked the redirect with and it doesn't show any redirect from http to https. I've even changed the DNS to point to another IP served by a server, where I've never set up redirection - the redirection is still in effect.

I've also tried in Private Browsing in Firefox, and there is no redirect there. I've tried in Google Chrome, and there is also no redirect here.

I've also tried to make a redirect from https to http which worked in Google Chrome, and yielded a redirection error in Firefox.

My version of Firefox is 38.0.1, and I'm using Windows 8.1. I use the following addons: AddBlock, Avast! and LastPass. Avast! may not be the issue, as I've disabled it while testing.

Does anybody have suggestions on what I can do about it? Thanks in advance for any help!


"Sites preferences" are the culprit. Wasted 45min of my life finding how to fix it despite all the kb/support.mozilla tricks which does not solve your issue nor did mine. I don't know what triggers this issue, but several of my websites started to go pear-shaped in a few weeks only affecting me and only firefox.

That's the solution you are all looking for:

  1. Go to Preferences
  2. Privacy
  3. Click 'Clear your history' (nothing will happen yet, click safely)
  4. Once the pop-up appears, click Details.
  5. Untick everything except 'Sites Preferences'
  6. Select 'Everything' in the select box at the top
  7. Click Ok
  8. Try now

PS: What I did try that did not worked for me are:

  • urlbar.autofill false
  • Forget Website trick
  • Safe mode
  • We all know it is not an HSTS issue when a website you own and you accessed before never got https support but now FF wants you to use https... It is just a firefox bug IMO.

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