C# 格式化 MessageBox [英] C# formatting a MessageBox



我想显示一个消息框,提醒用户该过程已完成,并详细说明该过程的每个阶段所用的时间.我已经将要显示的文本进行了适当的格式化,但是 MessageBox 类的默认字体不是单宽的.据我所知,没有办法指定文本显示的字体.

I want to display a MessageBox alerting the user that the process is complete, and giving a breakdown on how long each stage of the process took. I've got the text that I want to display formatted appropriately, but the default font of the MessageBox class is not mono-width. As far as I can tell, there's no way to specify the font that the text displays with.


Is there an out-of-the-box library somewhere that I can use for this, or am I going to have to write one up myself?


有什么理由不只是使用等宽字体创建带有文本框/标签的 Form,然后调用 Form.ShowDialog?听起来像一个单独的库对我来说太过分了.

Any reason not to just create a Form with a textbox/label using a monospace font, then call Form.ShowDialog? Sounds like a separate library with that would be overkill to me.

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