Grails:添加或修改Grails插件 [英] Grails: Adding to or modifying grails plugins



有一个插件,我想添加功能,因为它不太实用(以一种实用的方式)。你是否创建了一个新的插件,或者它是否允许更新现有插件? 您应该可以添加到现有的一。理想情况下,插件网站上的插件页面( )应该有一个链接到通常在颠覆或混帐的来源。如果它在Subversion或私有GIT仓库中,您可能需要通过电子邮件发送grails开发人员列表(邮寄+清单),并要求回购许可。如果它在公共GIT仓库中,您应该可以对其进行分叉,进行更改并提交请求。

例如,Grails Cloud Foundry插件( )源代码位于( ) p>

如果由于某种原因拥有回购或插件的人不再适用它,那么创建自己的账户可能有意义。 (

There's a plugin that I would like to add features since it is not quite usable (in a practical way). Do you create a new plugin or is it allowed to update the existing one?


You should be able to add to an existing one. Ideally the plugin's page on the plugin portal ( should have a link to the source which is usually in subversion or git. If it's in Subversion or a private GIT repo you might have to email the grails developer list ( and ask for permission to the repo. If it's in a public GIT repo you should be able to fork it, make your changes, and submit a pull request.

For example the Grails Cloud Foundry plugin ( source code is located at (

If for some reason whoever owns the repo or plugin isn't working on it anymore it may make sense to create your own. (


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