Microsoft Excel无法插入新单元格 [英] Microsoft Excel Can't insert new cells

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我收到一条错误,指出:Microsoft Excel无法插入新单元格,因为它会将非空单元格推出工作表的末尾。当我尝试插入新的数据行时,会发生这种情况。我需要保留我已经拥有的所有数据。我只有56行,所以我想我应该可以添加更多...

I am receiving an error saying: "Microsoft Excel can't insert new cells because it would push non empty cells off the end of the worksheet". This happens when I try to insert a new row of data. I need to keep all of the data on the sheet I already have. I only have 56 rows, so I think I should be able to add more...



Excel has a limited number of rows and columns (which varies with version).

要查找最后一个单元格中的数据,请单击任何单元格,然后按Ctrl + End。

To find your last cell with data in it, click on any cell and then press Ctrl+End. This will then take you to the furthest from A1 which has content. You'll need to remove what is there to add extra rows.

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