RegEx与VBA Excel在Mac [英] RegEx with VBA Excel at Mac

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我需要使用Excel的VBA检查regEx。我正在使用Mac OS 10.10 ans office 2011.所以没有我可以使用的dll文件。

I need to check for regEx with VBA of Excel. I'm using Mac OS 10.10 ans office 2011. So there is no dll file I can use. What is to do here? I read I've to bound an apple script. But how is this to do and what content does this script need?



本来,你不可能真的 - AppleScript实际上并不适合这种事情(VBA方面)

Natively, you can't really - AppleScript isn't actually that good for this kind of thing (where VBA is concerned)

有您可以安装和使用的其他库,以支持像Mac OS上的正则表达式这样的东西 - 我看过的最多的是Satimage,尽管我没有亲自使用它(但是),因此不能保证它自己:

There are other libraries that you can install and use to allow support for things like regular expressions on Mac OS - the one I've seen used the most is Satimage although I've not personally had to use it (yet) so can't vouch for it myself:

http ://

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